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Feb 2015 Patreon TAOS Content Preview by theartofshade
Feb 2015 Patreon TAOS Content Preview
A preview of some stuff I'm working on for this month's Patreon-exclusive content!
Princess Aurelia Patreon preview by theartofshade
Princess Aurelia Patreon preview
Another character is added to the Sinful Side of Infinity City roster! Princess Aurelia lives in a distant kingdom, far from the urban sprawl of Infinity City. She's a nymphomaniac that uses her father, the king's, resources to sate her every desire, from maids and butlers, to court jesters and even bandits and thieves, she's always looking for the next "hit".

The finished, high-res artwork for this promotional pinup will be available to my Patreon backers after payments have cleared for the month of January.
Who is Starbaby? Patreon teaser by theartofshade
Who is Starbaby? Patreon teaser
Space-faring adventurer, quick-witted rogue and just as quick on her blaster, Starbaby is a busty starship captain who's too brave for her own good! Patrons will get their first look at her her with future webcomics chronicling her adventures exclusive to Patreon! The full color and b/w high-res art files for this pinup will be emailed directly to my awesome patrons.
Candy Starfruit Patreon preview by theartofshade
Candy Starfruit Patreon preview
Candy planned to make her favorite banana/strawberry whipped cream smoothie but ended up all messy! This is a work-in-progress. The finished, high-res artwork will be available to my Patreon backers.
Korganna the Barbarian Patreon preview by theartofshade
Korganna the Barbarian Patreon preview
Korganna the Barbarian is a character that will be featured on my 'Sinful Side of Infinity City' NSFW pinups and comics. The full HD pinup and future content is available exclusively at
I've had some people message/email me asking if, since I'm working almost exclusively on Sinsationals, if I'll be doing more work involving pre-existing characters from the big publishers(DC, Marvel, Image). Aside from the odd sketch I do for myself I haven't had time to draw characters that aren't mine. I didn't have any kind of incentive to do it and have been turning down commissions right and left.

However, I did come up with an idea. I have a Patreon page through which people can support Sinsationals. I decided to make a secondary Patreon page that will be devoted entirely to working on the characters from the big publishers. Some of the content will be SFW, others will be NSFW. I'll do sketchdumps, pinups and other assorted goodies, all featuring the big characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spidey, Wolverine, Black Widow, you get the idea.

Patrons to that page will get the high-res art files emailed directly to them in exchange for their support. This will give me the incentive to take time away from Sinsationals every now and then to draw other characters. And, yes, I'd be drawing porn stuffs for that Patreon page, exclusive to patrons, of course.

I don't know. Let me know what you think.

The Patreon for Sinsationals is going swimmingly. I wanted to inform current patrons and potential future ones about what they can expect to see, specifically in regards to the NSFW section.

I recently launched a NSFW Tumblr accessible only to select Patreon members called "The Sinful Side of Infinity City" which is a gallery of NSFW sketches, pinups and webcomics featuring characters that live within the world of the Sinsationals, Infinity City. The gallery will show erotic content that I can't show in the comic proper: X-XXX content.

I'll have a series of webcomics featuring new characters that I've been developing in a variety of genres. Here's some brief descriptions of a few of them:

-Princess Aurelia, an Elven princess that lives in a magical kingdom who has a penchant for sexual mischief and is always getting into shenanigans with her subjects, from human bandits and peasants to ogres, trolls, satyrs and other beasties.
-Starbaby, a busty alien of a hot-shot interstellar starship pilot and mercenary who travels the cosmos looking for love, lust and adventure.
-Korah the Barbarian is a massive, hulking, fiery-haired beauty who lives a hard life in the rugged plains and ranges of her home where swords and sorcery rule.

These are just a few of the original characters whose misadventures will be coming soon to 'The Sinful Side of Infinity City' blog.
Just a note to my awesome patrons that I'll be spending much more time on the NSFW "Sinful Side of Infinity City" Tumblr blog in the coming weeks.

I was thinking that what I should do is open up free commission requests for those who have access to it via their patron rewards package. What I'll do is announce when I'm ready to take requests is to post a message on my Patreon page letting everyone know that requests are open. There will be a limited number of slots so I'll go by 'first come-first served' basis: those who respond in the comments there first will likely get their request selected.

There will be just a few rules(that I may amend or add to later): 
•no futa of any kind 
•the principal Sinsationals characters are excluded(no porn ideas involved Big Girl or Allie, for instance) 
•no gore, unless it's background material, (like a witch banging a vampire with corpses hanging in the back) 

Some examples of the kinds of stuff you could request: 
•a guy getting a lapdance from his pleasure bot 
•a sexy elf girl pleasuring a human captive with her boobs 
•in a Mad Max-ish style wasteland, a waifish female gang leader is getting banged by her massive, oafish mutant lover 
•a tiny, shrunken man is engulfed in the cleavage of his normal-sized girlfriend 
•a zombie girl is getting blasted in the face by several spurting members That kind of stuff: fantastical eroticism. The weirder the better! So, THINK ABOUT YOUR REQUESTS NOW... so when I put out the call for free requests you can lay them on me immediately. :) (Smile) 

Thank you so much, guys, for being such awesome supporters! 

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KinkyInks Featured By Owner Edited Jan 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey man! I just want to say congratulations and kudos on your Patreon Sinsationals campaign. Being a freelancer artist myself I have an idea of the hughe amount of work and effort you are putting on this great project. Besides your artwork is coming out greater every time. Congrats! :beer: 
theartofshade Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for your support! It's not easy since I'm piloting and crewing this entire ship of Sinsationals, lol, but it's infinitely rewarding. I remembering telling my aunt when I was 9 that I wanted to be a comic artist. However, I never really dreamed of drawing Superman or Spiderman for a living. I wanted to create my own characters and stories on them and my supporters, through Kickstarter and Patreon, have enabled this incredible dream to become a reality and I'll be eternally grateful for it.
ei9 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014
 Season's greetings to you My man and enjoy it well with you friends and family and LONG LIVE THE SINSATIONALS IN 2015!
theartofshade Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks, man! Much is planned for Sinsationals in 2015 as well as the NSFW side project 'The Sinful Side of Infinity City'. :)
ryantherebel Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Congrats on another successful Kickstarter campaign.
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